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Paper Shredding
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Step 1 
Fill one of our Secure Lockable Containers, which are always provided at no cost. Use for a one time clean out or have them emptied on a custom schedule that is build around your pace.
Step 2 
A Secured Truck is loaded with your lockable containers by one of our friendly trusted and bonded security representative. If your documents are loose or in boxes, a container is provided to lock up your documents safely for the ride. All trucks and containers remained locked at all times.
Step 3 
At our 24 hr Video Monitored Facility your containers are unlocked and flipped directly onto conveyor. Documents are never sorted.
Step 4 
Our Document Tumbler breaks up folders, files and binders so that our trusted and bonded destruction technicians have minimum contact with your confidential documents.

Step 5 
We have two Industrial Shredders which tear thru whole files, books, binders, paper clips, cds and films. Most importantly your confidential information is cut into a size that is approved by NAID® to be unrecoverable. 
Step 6 
The Automatic Baler takes the securely shredded and unrecoverable documents and compacts them into bales weighing up to a ton. 

Step 7 
The Recyclable Bales are weighed & collected by our Destruction Technician. Then once a week our NAID® certified partner picks up the bales for transport to be de-inked, pulped and 100% recycled.
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