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Thorough Security Procedures

Confidential On-site Paper Shredding maintains a secure, non-public facility, mandated by contractual agreements with certain governmental agencies and commercial customers, with an unpublished address to maximize security.
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Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Employees

All Confidential On-site Paper Shredding employees are fully bonded and insured. We are a drug-free workplace, and all employees have passed thorough background checks through a national agency.

Our background checks are the most complete you'll find in the industry. They assure both the security of your materials to be shredded and proper conduct at your home or place of business.

Secure, Private Facilities

The Confidential On-site Paper Shredding facilities consist of 24,000 sq. ft. of owner-occupied buildings.

One building houses the shredding equipment, containment of material to be shredded, and shredded material awaiting shipment to paper mills where it is recycled.

The other building houses our administrative offices and shops for in-house maintenance of all vehicles and equipment.

The buildings and the property's perimeter are all double-fenced, video monitored, and "central station" alarmed for intrusion and fire.

We employ on-site night, weekend, and holiday security personnel who live on the premises.
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Pickup, Transportation, Destruction, and Recycling

No contractors or subcontractors are employed by Confidential On-site Paper Shredding for any process or procedure. We pick up your materials for off-site shredding, count everything, and load it onto one of our private vehicles.

All of our vehicles are tracked by GPS and are monitored and locked at all times. Upon arrival at our secure facility, your material is once again counted, logged, and staged for shredding.

Material is shredded every day during one of two shifts, which occur at approximately 5:30 AM and 10:00 PM, or until all materials received during the day have been shredded and baled.

All baled material is staged inside our secure facility until it is loaded. Materials are loaded to delivery to the paper mills approximately twice a week where they are finally de-inked and recycled.

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